A lot of image hosting websites vanished over the years, deleted old images, blocked hotlinks etc. As a result they left a mess of broken links in our forum posts. But here is the great news: The kind people at https://whatimg.com/ recently included Secret Cinema to their "Allowed Sites".


"WhatIMG is an easy image hosting solution for members of certain extra special websites. All images uploaded to WhatIMG and an appropriately sized thumbnail will be stored on our server forever. In fact, we are currently hosting 593,105 images. After uploading an image, the website generates a link to your image(s). Copy and paste this direct link anywhere you want, such as descriptions, forums, etc. To make things even easier, WhatIMG automatically generates the necessary bbcode for a linked thumbnail on forums, all you have to do is copy/paste. Because we would like to keep this site private, and because bandwidth isn't free, we only allow images to be displayed on certain websites. We would love to add new sites to our list, but they must be private trackers"


-> You must register to upload.
-> Our private registration code is listed and please do not share this outside Secret Cinema.
-> WhatIMG uploads will only be displayed on certain websites. Check "Allowed Sites".
-> WhatIMG is non profit. If you do like their service feel free to donate.