Remember when you could watch the History Channel and actually watch shows about actual history? We sure don't! With great entertainment like Pawn Stars, Ax Men and American Pickers we here at BTN feel that we are forgetting what has happened in our history. So we need your help! Once again we are having another competition with great prizes for the winners! We want you to upload history related content to the site. Dinosuars, past wars, Ancient Eygpt and space exploration. You know the shows that started The History Channel and A&E. Current shows like Pawn Stars, Hoarders and Storage Wars will not count. We want the classic documentary style shows that we would watch as kids with our parents! Rules are below and top 3 winners will get 30 days of a SeedMyBox Seedbox and various other things!


1: Uploads only count if it's history.
2: For every episode you upload you will gain 1 point.
3: For every season pack you upload you will gain 'x' amount of points where x is the number of episodes in the season pack.
4: At the end of the month we will tally up the five users with the most amount of points and they will win the prizes shown below.
5: You must tag contest uploads with 'history' for them to count. - They will appear in this list if tagged correctly
6: The torrent must be alive at the end of the contest so keep seeding!
7: Portable encodes of existing shows WILL NOT COUNT!
8: Re-encodes / transcodes WILL NOT COUNT!
9: You MUST post in this thread that you are participating, so we can tally your scores.
10: You MUST post in this thread with the episode/season (including how many episodes are in a season) name AND supply a link to EACH of your uploads. Keep all entries to one post please! Failure to follow this rule and you won't be counted in the contest, below is an example of what we require!
11: Read our Uploading Rules if you have any questions come to #BTN-Support and ask them.
12: All Uploads of shows must be informative history documentaries. Not recent shows that air on the History Channel or A&E like Pawn Stars, Hoarders, Storage Wars, and Ancient Aliens. Any of these shows uploaded for our competion will be removed.

Example formatting: Rome - Season 2 (10 Episodes) - torrents.php?id=504&torrentid=306311#8

Anything along these lines will be acceptable just do not forget the episode count. It makes our jobs easier! You can upload a season-pack of the same show in A DIFFERENT FORMAT (so long as its not a re-encode/transcode) during the competition. Single episodes for seasons that have finished airing are not allowed to be uploaded. Partial packs are not to be uploaded either unless given staff approval.


• 1st Place will receive a 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox and all of the following: 1,000,000 bonus points, a custom title, and 1000 lumens.
• 2nd Place will receive a 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox and (2) of the following: 750,000 bonus points, a custom title, or 750 lumens.
• 3rd Place will receive a 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox and (2) of the following: 500,000 bonus points, a custom title, or 500 lumens.
• History badges made by our lead designer PrettyFly will be awarded to the top three uploaders in this contest!

The contest will end on November 30th, good luck!