Now that Halloween is well and truly over and you have all (hopefully) recovered from any candy hangovers (and the real ones) it is time to congratulate our contest winners. Feel free to send the winner of the slot a congratulatory PM or request he upload something you want. The remainder of the top ten uploaders also win a custom avatar designed by DeliCinq. He has asked you post your requests according to his guidelines in the avatar request thread.

Additionally, if you would like a few extra GB of upload credit for the upcoming holidays I would like to remind you how you can help the site (and our DoT team) out.

Torrents with missing MediaInfo logs:

We have a project dedicated to eradicating missing MediaInfo logs. If you are seeding any torrents that do not currently have a log and you provide it you will snag an extra 1 GB.

Torrents missing screenshots:

In a similar vein, adding screenshots to torrent descriptions missing them will snag you 2 GB per set of screenshots.