Avatar of the Year Contest:

Do you think you have the best avvy on the site, then lets see it! Take a moment, make a post and nominate your avvy for the Bitsoup Avatar of the Year Award! Until November 22nd every Bitsoup member that wants to, can participate by nominating their own avatar.

You can nominate your avatar by posting it here, preferably with a few words about why you like it so much and what it means to you. After the 22nd the thread will close. The staff will then pick what they think are the best 4 avatars. Those 4 will then be placed into a short poll so that all of you can vote and ultimately decide who among us wins and can say that he or she has the Bitsoup Avatar of the Year.

Not only will the winner go down in Bitsoup history as the person with the absolute best avatar of 2009, but of course winning this title reflecting impeccable taste comes a fitting reward as well. We will therefore also celebrate the glory of the winner by rewarding his or her efforts with;

1 Month of VIP status and 500GB credit.

The final announcement of our winner will be on November 29th as that is on Bitsoup's 9th Anniversary exactly. Naturally all avatars submitted will have to be within the specifications of the Bitsoup rules. For talk about the contest please see the related forum thread.

Uploader Appreciation Ralley:

Bitsoup has 110.000 members but looking at the comments section it quite often looks like Uploaders are the most under appreciated species in the bit-torrent universe. Despite taking only a few seconds of our lives, the courtesy of saying thanks for what we are given seems one that is so easily forgotten on the internet.

Being with so many, we can make a difference. Together we can make Bitsoup's 9th birthday into one that shows those that upload that we recognize and appreciate them for the important part of this community that they are. This month we invite all of Bitsoup's members to participate in the Uploader Appreciation Ralley.

All it takes to participate is simply leaving a thank you comment with every torrent that you download, and if we do this together we can send those that upload a thank you they won't soon forget. Adding some extra encouragement, we will be randomly rewarding 2 participating members on every Friday of November. They will each receive:

1 Month of VIP status and 900GB credit


Just a note to let everyone know that the chat link is working again. You can join other members and staff there to help you live with problems you might have, except with girlfriends, as we haven't mastered that yet. We would really love to see you there and get some chatter going. Site rules apply there, so no requesting. You have to have Java installed on your PC and follow these instructions after you click on 'chat' on the main page.

1. You might get a message asking if you want to block potentially unsafe components, choose no.
2. Next, do you want to run this application, choose accept and run.

Looking forward to seeing you there.