Our userbase has been growing at an amazing rate the last few months, and this is absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately we have had to introduce some new rules though as our tracker has been open far too much to abuse. We have tried to limit the introductions of rules where we can, and keep the ones we do introduce as fair as we can. It has unfortunately come to the time where we are getting a large abuse of the trackers generosity and so from Monday, November 18th, we will be introducing the following rules:

1. Partials will no longer be allowed at all. We will be grandfathering any partial torrents that you may have as of Monday, but from then on you will need to either download the entire torrent, or use a seedtime fix to prevent it from becoming a Hit & Run.
2. Members will now have a limit on their unsatisfied torrents (a unsatisfied torrent is a torrent that has not been seeded to the site minimum). The amount of unsatisfied you will be allowed to have depends on your user level as follows:

• New Members (Less than 4 weeks membership) : 20 unsatisfied
• User Class : 50 unsatisfied
• Power User Class : 100 unsatisfied
• VIP : 150 unsatisfied
• Any Class Above VIP : 200 unsatisfied

How will this affect you? Depending on your user level you will have a limited amount of torrents that you can download at one time. So if you are a user class level and download 10 books today and 10 tomorrow, you will have 20 torrents that have not reached the minimum seedtime. Until the first 10 have reached the required 72 hrs (or you have used a seedtime fix) you will not be able to download anymore books. What if a torrent I'm downloading does not want to finish or I realized after starting it, that it was the wrong format? If after 2 weeks the torrent has not had any activity (nothing has been downloaded) it will disappear as a partial. We understand the frustration this might cause to some users, but we have looked at the problem from quite a few angles and this is unfortunately the only way to curb the abuse without putting too large a load on the tracker.