As of yesterday Memati has re-added the Crazy Hour feature and when Crazy Hour is on it will be indicated by a indicator that it is currently on or off. You can see this in the upper left corner next to your site name and stats. Crazy Hour will be set automatically at random with the multiplier set which means during this time if you download torrents and are seeding them and another member leeches from you, you will receive upload credit. We had this feature before with the ratio system and was set at random to make all torrents freeleech. We are ratio free so no need for freeleech. On special occasions we may set it to a higher number. Now it has been set to the multiplier. Staff are now able to set each individual torrent to the multiplier. This will only be done for something special that members have been waiting for or an uploader has requested it for an encode of their own work. We hope you all will enjoy this nice feature!