Are you a know it all?

What? A little something for everyone.
Where? Right here.
When? When I can get to it..

Got H&R? Low Ratio? Just like credits? Well here's your chance.
A quiz a day and the winner will receive 200 credits

These are the base rules and are always in affect unless stated otherwise by the quiz.

- One guess per user per quiz
- Do not edit your posts (If it's wrong it's wrong no fixing your answers)
- Do not post in the forum unless you are answering one of the questions
- When answering add the question number in the subject of your reply
- Answer all questions in full if the topic is Animals don't say it's a Dog, be specific or you will be ineligible to win

Notes (11-18-13)

I will be bringing back leaderboards for the quizzes. Winners will be announced in both shoutbox and IRC and quizzes will no longer be deleted.

The topic is "because you can't restart real life" so name the games outlined in the images.