Your presence on IRC is obligatory, since that's our main channel for communication;

Join #lztr-dev on
/msg Scarlett enter #lztr-dev YOURNICK IRCKEY
(see profile on site)

Before contacting us, please review following notes and make sure you're familiar with;

• PHP (required)
• Javascript (required)
• SQL (required)
• CSS (recommended)
• Bash / Shell Scripting
• C / CC++
• Python
• Perl
• Other

Level [novice, experienced, expert]

We do NOT assume expert knowledge in all required areas. You should however bring some familiarity with required languages and linux operations to the table. Do you have any experience with Gazelle? How much time will you be able to invest per week? Are you staffing at other sites already and if so, how many? If available, please prepare links to work you've done, e.g. on Github. You'll participate on a project of your choice; something which you think will improve site & user experience. Alternatively we have a list of pending projects.Typical dev environment would be setting up a VM on localhost with Linux of your choice. (Optionally get the package offered by What.CD, then checkout our SVN source). Workflow being local testing, then commiting patches and additions, commited to trunk after review. As you may know, LzTr is running on a modified Gazelle RC3 codebase, with Ocelot as the tracker and see the related resources and places for basic info on the subject. Thanks for your interest and come on people, you know you want to be a developer.