Come on and join Leicdave, Flatman & Purgatory for some bullshit talk about life, movies, AHD, trackers, torrents etc. And where in hell's bells we've been for 9+ months. And yes, you do have time for this, damn it!

It's been 9+ months, you'll learn in the podcast where we've been and why no podcasts since Feb. 2013. I'm happy to be back doing the podcasts and so are leicdave and flatman who join me once again to shoot the shit about whatever is on our minds plus movies, life, tracker stuff and more. All I will say is, smoke 'em if ya got 'em and enjoy the show. Make sure to leave some comments about this episode.

• Awesome Movie Club: A 100% freeleech movie from the AMC Library

AMC runs in conjunction with the biweekly (every 2 weeks or thereabouts) podcast show. For this episode: Backdraft [1991]. This movie needs an encode, and I'm sure an Internal will step up and do one before the 100% FL is over for this AMC pick. Why Backdraft? Just ask Leicdave..

• Podcast listening:

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