We will be going thru and updating each of these accounts over the next day or so, but wanted to announce our second batch of winners. It is not too late to get in the drawings, as we have more winners to announce at the end of the birthday drawing that we have extended to 11/30. We thank all those that have contributed and hope those of you who haven't donated yet, consider us worthy of your support and help us keep the legacy alive.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we give thanks to:

• The repeat donors who have so generously graced our site with their numerous donations.

• The first time donors, who have felt us worthy of their support.

• The staff who so generously donate their time to keeping the site tidy and helping those with the world of torrents.

• The uploaders, who give so much in time and efforts to bring us joy.

• All members who understand that this is a sharing community and maintain a proper sharing ratio.

In that spirit, we are extending the Birthday Bash until November 30th and for the final drive this week, we are adding 1000GB to the 9000GB.