As mentioned six weeks ago, the below changes have taken effect in our log checking process.

Log Checksum must be enabled via the XLD Log Checker plugin. XLD rips made without the log checksum enabled will have 1 point deducted from their log score. Having the Log Checker enabled provides another method to verify the Log as being authentic. While a log checksum is not certifiable proof that a log has not been edited, a checksum which "fails" does confirm that an edit of some sort has been made, so utilizing this tool is beneficial.

To be clear: any torrents with XLD logs uploaded prior to today will be scored under the existing no-checksum rules, and no currently uploaded perfect FLACs ripped with XLD will be downgraded to 99%. Torrents uploaded form today onward will fall under the new rules.

Installing the Log Checksum Plugin:

For those who have not yet installed the XLD Log Checker plugin, we would like to recommend this guide. Anyone requiring additional help should send a PM to the FLS via the Staff Inbox or visit on our IRC network.

Trumping Reminder:

Any deduction which does not affect audio data, such as a missing checksum, receives a 1 point deduction and a note in the deduction explanation stating that audio data was not affected. A rip which only has non-audio deductions is allowed to trump another rip with audio-affected deductions. As an example, a 99% XLD rip is still allowed to trump a 70% rip with a CRC mismatch. The only upload that can trump a rip with non-audio deductions is a perfect 100% FLAC rip.