5 years, 5 long years, 5 short years, 5 amazing years. Such a short time, yet such a long time as well. Through the amazing efforts of every user on this site, PassThePopcorn has gone from an itsy bitsy little tracker, into one of the largest private torrent sites in the world. There's been massive highs, and incredibly harsh lows, but through it all, we've persevered, whats more, we've become better. PassThePopcorn is a community driven project, and as such, every single one of us has our own part in having made PTP what it is, and will play a part in making PTP what it will be. Personally, I wish to thank every single person here, as a staff, we'd like to thank every single member who has ever graced this place with their presence, as a community we should all celebrate in reaching a milestone that is so rare in this digital age. It's not much, but we've arranged to roll out some surprises for the next few days. We hope you like our surprises, we hope you love the site you've helped to build. Happy Birthday PTP, and thank each and every one of you.

Torrent Checker Movie Picks

To show our appreciation to those hard working torrent checkers, we have given them the opportunity to start off our first round of movie picks!

Salinui chueok AKA Memories of Murder [2003]

Irma la Douce [1963]

Que la bęte meure AKA The Beast Must Die [1969]

The Adventures of Robin Hood [1938]

Heat [1995]

Nothing But the Truth [2008]

Purple Rain [1984]

The Doom Generation [1995]

Restrepo [2010]

Ne le dis ŕ personne AKA Tell No One [2006]