As many of you are aware, a leak of J.D. Salinger’s heretofore unpublished “Three Stories” found its way to What.CD in the last day. It is our current belief that this leak originated as a physical copy on eBay and made its way to our site in digital form thereafter, although we cannot confirm this lineage at present. The official request for these stories has existed on What.CD for some time, and although many thought it would never be filled or otherwise viewed it as a harmless act of communal wishing, the request’s existence was in no way a formal endorsement by What.CD Staff. The site was temporarily brought down so that we could work to preemptively resolve issues related to the leaked content and the publicity it has received.

Our first priority can and must be the protection of What.CD. Due to this case’s rare and unlikely circumstances, due to the unnecessary and unwanted attention the Salinger leak has brought, and due to our desire to comply with the desires of the Salinger estate or other involved parties in this matter, the content has been removed from What.CD. It is not to be re-uploaded under any circumstances, and anyone found doing so will have their account disabled. We thank you for your patience as we continue to resolve this matter. Additional details will become available as is necessary per the discretion of the Staff.