In addition to the news item below and TranceTraffic Radio airing right now, we will be running freeleech on the week before New Years for those want to get in some serious leeching for the new year! Hope you will enjoy, and have a great and safe Christmas!

We're running a 2-month TranceTraffic Blue Friday Christmas Event! Any donations made starting today until the end of January, will give you the below rewards. For questions and comments, visit the related forum thread.

$25 VIP Donation:

- 2 Months VIP access
- 3 Invites
- All 3 invites are given to your account within 2-3 days.

$50 VIP Donation:

- 6 Months VIP access (this is 2 FREE MONTHS compared to regular $50 donation)
- 6 Invites (this is 2 FREE INVITES compared to our regular $50 donation)
- All 6 invites are given to your account within 2-3 days.

$100 VIP Donation: *NEW*

- ONE FULL YEAR of VIP access
- 14 Invites (more than twice the $50 donation)
- All 14 invites are given to your account within 2-3 days.

Other Perks of being VIP:

- Unlimited leeching.
- Upon cancellation of your VIP, your ratio will be reset to 1:1 if it is below this.
- Your account will not be banned. You can remain inactive for as long as you have an active VIP status.
- You can request a name change.
- You receive an invite automatically each month (up to max. of 3)

Want to help and make a donation?!

Just click on the PAYPAL DONATE button and enter your desired amount! ($20, $50 or $100). Please remember to send us a message after you make a donation and let him know the transaction number and your paypal email address so we can credit your account. Please allow 2-3 days for your account to be updated. If you make a donation, you can start leeching right away, you don't have to wait until your account is updated, we will eventually get to you in time.