As of today Memati has added the double up Banner. This means what ever you contribute to support BitLeechers will be doubled! What you will receive for your donation will be listed below. If you would like to support BitLeechers you can click on the banner or simply click on the donate tab under the sites general menu. We have ran this promotion a few times in the past before we went to a ratio free site and before we added VIP status for donations. So we will see how this works out and maybe run it again early next year. Just remember all members who donate are automatically promoted to VIP class. We want to make the end of this year special for everyone. This is why we added this promotion. There isn't much we can do on a ratio free site but to offer you this promotion. This will only run for December because of Christmas and New Years. We pray that Santa brings us 100% in donations this month.

» 2x GB Upload Credits
» 2x Invites
» Donor Star
» Voice in IRC (#chat)
» 2x Weeks VIP Status
» Immune to Hit & Runs