Final Drawing for Birthday Bash Promo:

We are very pleased to announce the final wave of winners in the Birthday Bash Promo! We will be going through and updating each of these accounts over the next day or so, but wanted to announce the winners ASAP and we wish to thank everyone who participated!

New Years 2014 Xmas 12TB Promo Relaunch:

Now the year is almost over and Bitsoup has become a stable foundation with the hard upgrades the site has faced during 2013, and the recent downtime has been resolved we can now gladly move forward to a happy holiday season followed by a what will hopefully be a good start of the year to come.

In this last year Bitsoup has grown to be a large sharing community. Well over 115.000 active members are sharing many torrents and it is on that note that we are pleased to announce that on this very day and in the very last few weeks of the year, the members of this great community have shared no less then 1 MILLION torrents during Bitsoup's existence.

We are thankful that all of your sharing efforts have lead to this great community accomplishment, and we look forward to a whole new sharing year! It's Bitsoup's final special of the year and while only 30 days of 2013 remain, we are once again going to automatically enter all those that support Bitsoup into an appreciation draw. Since December is a special month, this draw will bring the largest prize Bitsoup has ever offered! The winners will enter 2014 with no less than 12TB of upload credit!