Trump Changes:

Torrents are no longer auto removed due to inactivity. Instead, torrents that are not seeded for 4 consecutive weeks are marked "Inactive." These torrents are trumpable. If you see an Inactive torrent, feel free to click on the torrent and request re-seed or reupload the content and report the Inactive torrent. Further details can be found in the wiki. We have also updated our trump rules following our last V2 announcement. Now VBR and CBR are separate on the trump chart. This means a VBR MP3 cannot trump a lower bitrate CBR encode and a CBR MP3 cannot trump a lower bitrate VBR encode. If you have any questions, feel free to send a Staff PM or ask in #help on irc. Full details about the changes can be found in the site rules.

Donations Update:

We have hit 100% donations for the month! Any donations made between now and the start of our next cycle will be used for our next bill. Thank you to everyone who donated, the site exists because of you! A special thank you to all of our Top Public Donors. This leads us directly to our next announcement..

48 Hour Site Wide Freeleech:

As an extra thank you for helping us reach donations for the month, we are substituting December Staff Picks for a 48 hour site wide freeleech! You guys have earned it. The freeleech will end at 0000 UTC December 04.