This year we would like to start a new tradition, and you are all invited! If you are not familiar with the general process, Wikipedia doth provide. As you might expect, we have our own twist to it. So, how?

• Step 1: Register. Jump in to the Exchange and buy your ticket. It costs 10000 bonus points. Not a lot, cause we want as many people as join in as we can. Just follow the on-screen prompts about signing up. Be as descriptive and detailed as you can - you are, after all, helping your match learn more about you. Registration: 2013-12-01 to 2013-12-14

• Step 2: Match. The patent pending AutoCockPersand Match 3155a algorithm will match you, the Santa (the one sending the gift), to the Santee (the one receiving the gift). Matching: 2013-12-15

• Step 3: Gifting. Once you receive your match, you will upload torrents (the usual rules are still in effect, people) that best fit your Secret Santa Match's likes. Gifting: 2013-12-15 to 2014-02-01

• Step 4: Fun Time! When your Secret Santa Match upload something for you, you will be notified that your gift has arrived. All gifts are freeleech only for the Santee receiving them (you will not see any indication of this, but it is so). It is good form for both the Santa and Santee to seed, seed, seed. Just with the rest of our torrents here, if you like it, there are probably others that will love it too. So, be shareful.

• Step 5: Rewards. Those of that you who have participated and shared will be refunded your entry fee along with 25,000 bonus points more! You share with the community, the staff shares with you! Rewards: 2014-02-01

• Step 6: Public Shaming. If you sign up, and don't deliver, public shaming awaits. I'm sure none of you would do this... but just in case, here is what happens. Should you stiff your Secret Santa Match, your entry fee, 10,000 bonus points, will not be refunded but will instead be given to your match. And you will be given a public shame avatar for 2 months. Your avatar will be added to the Wall of Shame.