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Because people use Xunlei download torrent files at the same time, Xunlei will also download a copy of the same file on their server is offline, the user is unaware of this process. In other words, once you had with Xunlei download torrent files, you have no right to reset your passkey, then other Xunlei users will get into your passkey! Therefore, in order to ensure that your own interests are not compromised, please download PT seed time away from Xunlei! Emergency measures: If you are not careful with the Xunlei once downloaded torrent files, do not hesitate to go to immediately reset the passkey!


由于你用迅雷下载 torrent文件的同时,迅雷也会同时下载一份相同文件到他们的离线服务器上,这个过程用户是不知情的。 换句话说,你一旦用迅雷下载过的torrent文件,你又没有马上重置你的 passkey,那么其他迅雷用户就会获取到你的 passkey!因此,为了保证你的自身利益不受到损害,请大家在下载PT种子的时候远离迅雷!应急措施: 如果你一旦不小心用了迅雷下载了种子文件,要立即毫不犹豫地去重置 passkey!