We have had quite of few members requesting we bring back Platinum VIP Membership, so here it is. Any member that is a Platinum Club Member will not be sent broadcasts/PM's related to current promo's. At times, we will still send broadcasts if we feel the need for Platinum Club Members to be aware of some new change or addition to the site. Many long term members, some who have donated and or supported Bitsoup in different ways over the years, have had their account's lost due to inactivity. This allows us to ensure that accounts cant be deleted for inactivity.

Never worry about your ratio again! Your ratio cannot fall!

n addition to the above:

• Immune to Hit&Run Warnings

• No ads! No more fundraising announcements or pm's. Probably should have listed this one first.

• Unlimited Invites

• Access to new and 'no rules' Forums

Forums designed especially for the PC-VIP community with no rules. Trade information, invites to other sites and/or talk about whatever you like. In here, anything goes within reasonable behavior and decorum.

• No Inactivity Suspension or Deletion

• Various time levels from a 1 month membership to the lifetime membership

• Access to the VIP Request Forum where you can request torrents not on site.