Christmas Banner Contest Reminder:

As a reminder, we are running a poll for the 2013 Christmas Banner Contest. You can help in choosing the winner by your vote in the poll, found on the home page. We currently are rotating entries from last year and this years contest on our main page.

In this month you can prepare because soon Santa will be there. Santa will visit Bitsoup too and leave a prize for one of you. So don't forget when you decorate the tree that the Christmas Elves will want to see.

2013 Christmas Tree Photo Contest:

Show off your Christmas tree on Bitsoup, enter the photo contest and perhaps you will win 6 Months VIP status & 1000 GB.

The Rules:

- You can only enter this contest once. Multiple entries are not allowed.

- Only 1 Xmas tree photo per entry is allowed. Entries with multiple pics are invalid.

- In your picture with your Xmas tree there must be a readable piece of paper or similar with the text Bitsoup and the date on it.

- No Photoshopping! If we find out that your picture has been altered in any way, you will be disqualified from the contest.

- Your picture has to be posted properly to be a valid entry. ( remember: [imgw]linktopicture[/imgw] )

- Your picture has to be posted here before January 1st.

- You have to be a Power User or VIP to enter this contest.

Share your tree with us! Winner will be chosen by poll on December 22nd and you can post your image in the related forum thread.