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Recently user passkey security has been breached, the management group for the following special instructions. Please be sure to do your account in order to ensure safety and to avoid losses due to leaks caused passkey:

1. Turn off the Xunlei, BT download software, cloud magnetic link download platform and browser support.

2. Do not use Xunlei, BT download software, cloud download platform in any way to download any seeds. Please use common download seed is recommended to download or copy the download address baskets added directly in the client.

3. Do not seed uploaded to the public network, especially network disk. Screenshot usually must pay attention to hide their passkey.

4. In UT settings sure to turn off DHT network (UT Settings -> Tasks -> remove DHT network-enabled front hook).

If you have any questions, please go to the forum novice learning area.

If you have violated the above provisions and found that traffic anomaly, reset passkey immediately.


针对近日出现的用户passkey泄露事件,管理组特作以下说明,请您务必做到以保证账号的安全,避免因p asskey泄露所造成的损失:

1. 请关掉迅雷、其他BT下载软件、云下载平台的磁性链接和浏览器支持。

2. 请不要用迅雷、其他BT下载软件、云下载平台以任何方式下载任何种子。请使用普通的方式下载种子,推荐使用 下载筐或者复制下载地址在客户端中直接添加。

3. 请不要将种子上传到公网,特别是网盘。平时截图一定注意隐藏自己的passkey。

4. 在UT设置中请务必关掉DHT网络(UT设置->任务->去掉 启用DHT网络前面 勾)。