With the season of goodwill just around the corner we are sending out this mass PM in the chance of a small favor and no it will not cost you anything. We are lucky enough to have a staff member called Toby3Donor. Who as a fair few of you will know, amongst her normal staff duties spends a good couple of hours each and every day helping users out with connectivity issues, pc problems, client set ups to name just a few, and just like we did last year I am asking that you please give a little thanks and like her Christmas lights!

We showed what we thought of Toby3Donor last year and together as a community got her into the top 5, can we do any better this year? Her lights, as you will see from the provided videos are truly worth a thumbs up and so all I ask of is this: once a day (you can vote once every 24 hours) please click on the provided link. Scroll down to the bottom click the bottom left heart and smile all day knowing you have done a good deed. Its not something that you are able to do often, but Toby3Donor helps people all year round so if we can help her get to the top 5 again I would be really grateful. If I don't speak to you on site before hand, have a great Christmas & New Year and thanks a bunch.