It's that time of the year again! The time of fresh fallen snow, seeing family and friends at holiday celebrations, and of course playing in all that white fluffy stuff on the ground! Well here is your chance to have fun in the snow, and win prizes for it! The rules of this competition are really simple: to take a picture with as many snowmen as you can!

The Rules:

1. You are welcome to build the snowmen you take pictures with, but each picture must feature a unique snowman to count.
2. You must be holding a piece of paper that has your username written on it with yourself in the photo.
3. The snowman doesn't have to be your own! You may take a picture with any snowman that you encounter, we want to see you about town getting friendly with random snowmen! Wait that sounds kinda wrong!
4. The snowman does not have to be made of snow, yard decorations and etc. count as well!

Upload all of your pictures to, and post them in a reply to the related forum thread. The member who has the most pictures with frosty will win the competition!

The Prizes:

1st: 5GB Upload Credit plus 1 Month VIP!
2nd: 3GB Upload Credit plus 1 week VIP!
3rd: 1GB Upload Credit

Also, anyone who participates whether they place in top three or not, will receive 50 speed coins!

Okay Speed.CD lets see those pictures! This competition will end on Dec. 31st.