We are currently looking to change the site a little bit for torrents being uploaded to the site. We are looking for uploaders with seedboxes and good homeline speeds. This will give all members a fair chance to contribute in a way other than donating. All uploader classes will be immune to the HnR System. You don't have to seed back but it is recommended you do. We are placing our bots to scene torrents. This means we need members to come forward if they would like a fair shot at uploading p2p torrents. If you are an encoder that is great and maybe you can now upload here. Classes are listed below. You will need to upload daily. If you can't upload daily then do not apply. Anyone who is promoted to any of the uploader classes will be expected to upload daily. If you dont upload within 1 week you will be demoted to your class before the promotion and never to be made uploader on Bitleechers again.

Super Uploader = 1GB - 10GB server or seed slot
Uploader = 100mbit server or seed slot
Lite Uploader = Homeline Connection

So now is your chance to become a Uploader. Simply click on "Apply To Become Uploader" on the sites menu or come to Live Chat or Live Help and ask. 99.9% will be accepted and placed into the right uploader class. For homeline uploaders it would be nice to tell us what you plan on uploading so we can make a note on your acct. You will need to be on your toes here depending on how many others are uploading. You will need to search the site to prevent dupe torrents. If you dupe another uploader you will need to edit the torrent page and delete it with a reason as to "Dupe". We hope this is fair enough to all members wanting this opportunity to help out. If anyone has any questions please feel free to join Live Chat or Live Help and speak to the Admins or Sysops.