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Summer to winter, marked the beginning of advent end of the year. HDWinG caused sincere gratitude to all honorable members, thanks as always for your support and help.

HDWinG since its inception, which has experienced numerous setbacks and challenges. Grateful achievement all this is because of your support and inclusion silently; over the past year, many places do not perfect, there is always supported by numerous members, but also abandon us away anyway this again thanks to our members who accompany too, is your trust and support, let us much inspiration and grateful.

HDWinG since the system upgrade, the former members eagerly looking forward to the return and spread the news, thanks to those members of HDWinG make a donation, it is selfless support of members, which makes HDWinG to have the opportunity to slowly restored to its former prosperity, we will put copies of support turned into more abundant resources to return everyone. We also hope to continue to donate the majority of members support HDWinG, we have come for all of us contribute to HD paradise, thank you!

Meanwhile, HDWinG various official working group open to all members of staff and resources to raise talents, hoping to have more people join us to participate in the reconstruction process HDWinG, we look forward to your participation!

Thanks again, we will offer more activities and resources to enrich our definition of family, so stay tuned!


暑往寒来,岁月流觞;将临岁末,HDWinG向全体可敬的会员致诚挚的谢意:感谢一如既往的支 持和帮助。

HDWinG自成立以来,其间经历的挫折与挑战数不胜数。饮水思源,成就这一切,都是因为有您默默的支持与 包容; 过去的一年中,很多地方做的并不完美,有无数永远支持的会员,也有舍弃我们而去的,无论如何在 此再次感谢 陪伴过我们的会员们,是你们的信任与支持,让我们倍受启迪并心存感激。

HDWinG自系统升级后,昔日会员翘首盼望回归并奔走相告,感谢那些为HDWinG做出捐赠的会员,正是 会员的无私支持,才使得HDWinG得以有机会慢慢恢复昔日的繁荣,我们将把这份支持化作更丰富的资源来回 报大家。同时也希望广大会员继续捐赠支持HDWinG,让我们一直来为我们大家的高清乐园添砖加瓦,谢谢大 家!

同时,HDWinG各官方工作小组面向全体会员募集优秀人才人员和资源,希望能有更多的人和我们一起共同参 与到HDWinG的重建过程中,我们期待着您的加入!