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    Smile Waffles.fm Charity Event: Summer Book Drive

    2012-06-03 12:39:51
    Been a few months since the last charity event, and we've been missing the feeling of community. Our last book drive was 3 years ago, and it was a really great success.

    What is the event?

    Waffles.fm Summer Book Drive - donating unused/unwanted books to your local libraries.

    How do I do this?

    1. Call your local library to find out if they accept donated books - They will most likely accept donations of any books and sell them at book fairs to raise funds for the library and their needs.

    2. Ask them what requirements they have for donated books. - Do they want only hardcover? No National Geographic? etc.

    3. Start looking around! - Clean your house, your parents' garage, pick some up at the thrift store, the possibilities are endless.

    4. Print out a copy of this bookplate. - No printer? That's okay - draw your own Waffler bookplates!

    5. Gather your books, your printed bookplate(s), and a camera and head to the library of your choice.

    6. Take a photo of your donation at the library/location, showing the bookplate - This is how we'll verify that you've donated, and give you your points

    7. Post your photos, and if you're feeling ambitious, a list of which books you donated inthis thread


    Where is my library?

    USA: Local U.S. libraries
    Canada: Local Canadian libraries
    UK: Local United Kingdom libraries
    Sweden: Local Swedish libraries
    Germany: Larger German libraries
    Australia: Local Aussie libraries
    New Zealand: Local New Zealand libraries
    Brazil: Local Brazilian libraries

    Please help out and provide your countrys' list of local libraries and I will add it.

    What do I get?

    Warm, fuzzy feelings

    A cleaner room/house

    Each book donated: 75 points

    How many times can I donate?

    As many times as you want, but make sure the photos are clear, and we can see different titles each time.
    Abusing this system/event will cause you to be banned, and no one wants that.


    We will approve books donated to hospital libraries, and good will types of stores.

    We will approve magazines donated provided your library wants them

    We will not approve tapes/dvds donated, reading materials only

    We will not approve any donations of used textbooks.

    If you have concerns about specific ways to cheat this system, please DO NOT post them in this thread, send a staff PM

    In the past, we have banned people who have cheated the system, and we will not hesitate to do it again.

    How long is this contest going on?

    All summer! (almost)

    START DATE: Sunday, June 3, 2012
    END DATE: Monday, September 3, 2012

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    Thanks for the News

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    think its a great idea and good to see

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