Reopened for more applicants;

We have on IPT the highest quality of torrents for you the community, and keeping these torrents with the highest quality descriptions is no easy task. We employ a set of TDE/ Torrent Description Editors to edit and maintain the bot uploads we have here on IPT. For this job we require some standards, and some skills in torrent descriptions. We need your work to be of the highest quality and within the rules of IPT, you would be required to edit any bot upload you see uploaded and add in a description worthy of IPT. To be considered we ask for a "test" torrent description to be posted here. For this we will use some bot uploads. Please select one of these torrents and make a description for it. post the description here and we will review it. To be chosen for this staff position we require this description and a post to any sort of experience you have had in the past that will help you in this position and good luck to all those that apply!