As you all have undoubtedly noticed by now, our Staff team is dwindling slightly. Unfortunately real life issues arise and consume a large portion of our time, meaning we can't spend all of our time making this site a more enjoyable place for all of you. Currently the ratio of Staff to members is just under 1 Staff member for every 400 members, something we're looking to rectify with your help.

Do you have experience moderating? Have you ever staffed at a torrent tracker before? Do you have experience coding in any languages? Do you enjoy cashing out member donations in quarters and filling a pool so that you can dive into it like Scrooge McDuck? No matter what your answer was to any of those questions, if you find yourself desiring to help this site out and give some of your extra time back to the community we'd like your help.

Those of you interested should send a Staff PM with the subject "Staff Application", with a list of all of the things that you feel qualify you to join our team. Here is a general outline of competencies we're looking for in prospective staff:

* Articulation - Proficiency in language is essential in assisting members with issues.
* Friendliness - Members should always be comfortable with the Staff.
* Dedication - We don't need you to give up your whole life, just enough that your wife will threaten to divorce you without actually going through with it.
* Ambition - We're always looking for new ideas to improve the site, we never want to just settle for what we have.
* Organization - Meticulous cataloging is next to godliness in our book, our hope is that one day sites like Comicvine and Comixology will strive to be more like us when it comes to making information about comics available.

Applicants should be active in IRC and have a bit of time/posts on the site. We look forward to hearing from candidates!