Happy 12 days of Christmas GGn! We have decided to spread the holiday cheer by announcing freeleeches over the next 12 days to the themes of the Twelve Days of Christmas, with corresponding increase in freeleeches until the twelve days are up. Featuring games old and new, the freeleeches will last until the December 31st! We have written up our own (really lame) version of the famous song. But each day comes with more freeleech games, so don't make too much fun! So drag your computers to the family dinners, curl up with a cup of your preferred drink by the fireplace and get ready to download some amazing games! On the first day of Christmas, GGn gave to me: one flight sim game (because flight sims are close to partridges in a tree right?).

Encryption lets you keep all your communications secure, regardless of the fact we're hosting your PMs. Install GnuPG and the WebPG browser extension and before you know it you'll be secure PMing with full AES encryption straight from your normal GGn session. We've written up a guide to do this in the wiki here. Don't forget to add your public key to your profile. This will let us encrypt all your existing PMs in due course, such that any possible site database leak is effectively useless to any such attacker (although note that, to date, no hacker has successfully compromised GGn in our 4 year history).