As I'm sure most of you are aware we are getting closer to a major upgrade of the site.

To prepare for this we have completely redone the coding of the site. We have removed as many tables as possible and introduced css, divs and js instead. This will speed up the site by quite a bit and make the future changes coming in the next few weeks (requests, browse and upload) possible and easier to implement. Before we go live we would like as many people to test the new design as possible. We think we have most of the kinks sorted out, but due to the large amount of browsers and settings out there its impossible for us to get everything right first time. So we would like whoever wishes to help us out to use the test site for the next few days and report on any problems they find. Please be aware that there is not a HUGE difference in looks, but we need to know any problems with layouts, broken pages, any display oddities etc.

How its going to work:

Provided is a link. If you click this link it will save a cookie on your system. This cookie will force your browser to visit the testing pages instead of the main pages. You can use the site as you would normally. We will be running this test till next week sometime till we go live with the update when the cookie will be removed. In order to return to the live site you will need to click the link again! Please have a look around and let us know if you find any problems. Items not aligned, any errors you find, anything that seems out of place etc. Please also include your operating system, browser and version. Make sure you add as much info as possible! This will not be a forum for complaints, fighting or feature requests. We require you all to help us test the changes so please keep that in mind. You will also now have and option in your profile to change what top menu items you want displayed. So be sure to try that out! Please remember to include both OS (Windows/Mac/Linux) and version, and browser (Firefox/IE/Chrome etc) plus version!

Ok all, have fun and let us know what you think!