What? A little something for everyone.
Where? Right here
When? Everyday (see comment in rules)

Got H&R? Low Ratio? Just like credits? Well here's your chance. A quiz a day and the winner will receive 200 credits.


These are the base rules and are always in affect unless stated otherwise in the quiz.

- One guess per user per quiz
- Do not edit your posts (If it's wrong it's wrong no fixing your answers)
- Do not post in the forum unless you are answering one of the questions
- A new quiz will be posted when the questions are completed. So encourage your friends to stop by and play and let's keep the ball rolling.
- When answering add the question number in the subject of your reply
- Answer all questions in full if the topic is animals don't say it's a dog, be specific or you will be ineligible to win.

The topic is animals, name the animals in the images shown; these are 10 of the most dangerous animals in the world.