Some of you folks don't seem aware of Cinemageddon's outstanding LACK OF IMDBs! Well you should be. Instead of spending your extra time sitting in your boxers eating two day old pizza and lurking about in our beloved forums, you could be giving order to chaos by adding IMDBs to your most prized CG titles.

...mmmk, we've been here before and I know you don't have all day so let's get down to brass tacks.

Part of successfully spreading the filth we love is to make it easy to find, and we can all make it a bit more so while earning juicy ratio bits in the process. With teamwork, we can fix the plague of missing IMDBs here at CG.

20 IMDBs = 10GBs

Just report back here with the info that should be added to our catalog and wait for your check to arrive in the mail. Keep in mind that if a torrent has more than one movie it'll require more than one IMDB. So if a DVD includes several short films (maybe from the discs extras, hint) in the torrent, or if the torrent is a collection of movies, we're looking to get all applicable IMDBs for that torrent added. Don't let that dissuade you, since you'll be rewarded per IMDB entry those collection torrents are gold mines!