A member suggested cyber currency in a forum post regarding the closure of the site, If the hosts accepted these it would help, but as they only accept Paypal, I still need the Paypal account and lets be honest, Paypal is the most widespread payment system.

There is also the fact that a donation with Paypal all gets done auto, with a cyber currency you PM me, I send you the number, you pay X amount, I then have to update your account, then I have to sell them, which trust me, is a PITA where I live and last but not least, I have to then put the cash in Paypal anyway to pay the host.

Saying all that, we do accept bitcoins, and have done for a number of years, we got 4-5 donations in that time. If you would like to donate this way, we do have a general account, but you will not get any benefits using this, not even a star as I don't know who you are.

1EGNEroTizu71k5oSU5kgZ73F9xpaUWBjD is the general code.

If you would like your own code, please PM me on the forum or try to catch me in IRC and I will create it for you. We also can't stipulate X amount of bitcoins = full benefits as they fluctuate all the time, so again maybe best to try to do this in real time via our IRC channel (its only £5 for full benefits so I can't see it being much of a problem).