It's great to be a part of our LF community. we love LF because we love sharing knowledge. Thank you all for the awesome support over the past and we planned to limit VIP subscription membership to only 20 VIPs per year. So we accept only 20 VIP accounts per year no more than that, with these donations we will be paying our sever cost, seedboxes and developer etc cost with VIP donations and all of these donations will be used for LF maintenance.

VIP membership subscription will end on 1st Jan 2014 so hurry up first come first serve only limited to 20.

Subscription to VIP membership will cost 100$. What do you get for this 100$ VIP membership?

1. Unlimited Torrent Downloads - No Limit - No Ratio

2. You can request for creating torrents from files available on the net which will be served at the highest speed.

3. Release of new materials & exclusives to only VIPs

Donation links, payment and VIP promotion is automated and once paid you will promoted to VIP.