It's that time of the year again boys and girls!

"What time?" I hear you new users ask? Why, it's "Golden Gonads" time of course! The Golden Gonads are the Speed.CD equivalent of the Oscars.

Each year at around this time we let everyone vote for their favourite user in certain categories. On January 30th 2012 at 14:00 GMT the votes will be tallied and the winners announced, just in time for speed's 6th birthday. The lucky few have the honour of being recognized as the best speed has for the following year. Everyone is able to be nominated for an award, and everyone has the right to vote. So, get cracking! Round up your friends, make some new friends, and make sure you get as many votes as possible!

Here are the available categories this year:

Uploader Categories

Best Uploader - Movies - Your favourite movie uploader.
Best Uploader - Games - Your favourite games uploader.
Best Uploader - Music/Apps - Your favourite music or apps uploader.
Best Uploader - Non-Staff - Your favourite uploader who IS NOT a member of staff.

Staff Categories

Best Speeder - Your favourite Speeder.
Best Super Speeder - Your favourite Super Speeder.
Best Elite Speeder - Your favourite Elite Speeder.
Best Moderator - Your favourite Mod.

User Categories

Best Special Member - Your favourite Special Member.
Best VIP - Your favourite VIP.

Special Awards

The Usagi Award for Best Graphic Design; which user does the best graphic design in your opinion. Dedicated to the memory of our late friend Usagi (his father) who created the prize GFX for the very first Golden Gonads.

Fun Categories

Most Interesting - Who do you think is the most interesting user on site?
Most Helpful - Which user has been the most helpful to you or others?
Most Annoying - Which user do you find the most annoying? (Don't get upset if you win, it's just for fun! )

All users are able to cast their vote, so get busy! Make sure you read the terms & conditions that follow, and most importantly, have fun!