He Came In Like A Wrecking Ball:

As I am sure most of you know, we had a pretty major hardware failure roughly 2 weeks ago. It was pretty catastrophic and we've lost over a years worth of data since most of our backups were corrupted when the drives failed. Most of us (staff) hadn't really paid much attention to the fact that our backups weren't being deposited elsewhere. So when we found out the site had fatally crashed, and we went to grab a backup of our database, we were very much gutted to find the last useful one was back in August of 2012. We were able to recover bits and pieces of the previous (current) database, however, it was corrupted so it couldn't be imported. We could manually enter all that data back in, but there are 100s of thousands lines of information, imagine what a 1GB text file would look like.

So here we are, flashing back an entire year.

Wat Do:

Good news is, we are dedicated to the site, we spent tireless hours doing what we do best, breaking things and fixing them. So, we've made a lot of changes while we've been down, most of which you might not be able to see, we've increased the speed of the site, added a few new site features on how our data is handled, re-wrote a backup script, and have built the back end of the site unlike any other tracker out there.

Old Users, New Users, Lost Users:

We lost a few users, some users who were banned and old are probably now active, some users will be completely new here. So to the banned users, you've got a second chance, unless we go through our ragged, corrupted db and find you, to those of you lost, we got you boo, I'm sure if you are reading this, you've already re-applied and we've welcomed you back with open arms. New users, good thing you missed all this mess.

To all users: We apologize profusely but there is no way to recover your old stats. Your userclass may be set back, and you almost certainly lost BP but there's simply no way for us to recover all of that data so please don't flood us with requests that say you lost a million BP or a userclass. Our biggest priority right now is recovering old users and torrents!

Help Us Obi-Wan, You're Our Only Hope:

Erm yes, we need donations right now like we've never needed them before: we had to buy yet another server out of our own pockets. OTOH, if you donated just before #TheGreatCalamity (aka you donated "sometime in December") and you're upset about the current conditions, you can request a refund of your donation by sending a Staff PM but we just hope that you don't do this.

We also need to recover more than a year's worth of torrents. There are thousands of them so for the first time ever, we'll likely allow users to upload content but only specific users will be given permission to upload, and only to upload old PixelHD content (no scene crap or other p2p groups, or your uploading rights will be revoked!). If you already have dozens, hundreds of thousands of torrents seeding then you can certainly help us! There will be a forum post later to gather volunteers and tell you what the requirements are.

We are back. We lost a lot of shit. We need money. And oh, happy birthday to us! We became 3 years old just a couple days ago! The site isn't without its issues, we are finding a lot of little 'bugs' and 'kinks' that we didn't see earlier. We are working to resolve all of these issues and hope to be back to 100% shortly.

• A few issues are, browse page isn't updating correctly with latest releases.
• LiMEY in IRC is on crutches and moving slow.
• Application system is being hammered throwing up time-outs.
• Invite keys may not work upon application acceptance.
• Tracker isn't acting normal, so you might see seeds one minute and the next, they'll be gone, this is probably due to the fact that it's missed you guys so much.

Finally, The7egend and AtheistP3ace are pretty busy squishing the bugs, so please try not to PM them with anything. If you see something, post it in the related thread and we'll get on it as soon as possible.