Since we have took on quite a few new members we thought we should send this as a reminder to all members. We regret sending this, but we are left with no further options.

Our server bills are due in 10 days and we haven't reached 50% in donations as of yet. We know with the holidays approaching fast not many have extra funds to contribute to Bitleechers. But as we have said in prior announcements we have obligations. These are server bills and paying our coder for the site. If we don't recieve donations then we can't bring new things to the site. We may have to downgrade our servers if members wont help out and donate to the running costs of the servers. If we downgrade our servers then the speeds will also be slower then normal. I know this is a tough time of the year for all, but we need your help so we can progress and keep Bitleechers moving forward and online for the community. Please consider what you can afford to help Bitleechers.

If you donate you will receive double for the amount you contribute.

» 2x GB Upload Credits
» 2x Invites
» Donor Star
» Voice in IRC (#chat)
» 2x Weeks In VIP Status
» Immune to Hit & Runs

We are also looking for members who would like to help out and become a Moderator. If you are interested you can fill out a Moderator Application or simply join Live Chat or Live Help and ask for a staff member and also that you want to become a Moderator. Tasks and duties are very simple as long as you have atleast a minimum of 1 hour per day to help out.

Our IRC is getting more members by the week. We have a bunch of good people and staff who are there to help one another when needed. We offer an Idle Bonus when you join IRC. You will recieve 2 bonus points per hour when you join. If you would like to take advantage of this you can click on Live Chat or install mIRC. To use mIRC as your IRC client you can download it from here.

Details to connect with mIRC:

Description: bitleechers
Server : if it won't connect use the IP
Port : 6667 (SSL +6697)
Channels : #chat #pre #announce #tv

We hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Save a life and please do not drink & drive!