Many of you remember the Donor Rank System announcement we made as part of our ongoing fundraiser project. The system has been a great success so far, and continues to help us fund the site as more users take it upon themselves to donate. Donating now offers a number of unique incentives, and we hope to add more in the future. Many thanks to everyone who has helped the site stay afloat. For any interested parties, more information is available in the Donor Rank System FAQ Document and Donate Page.

But although the system has been a success, it isn't without its problems. Since the system's inception, all non-Diamond Rank users were supposed to be subject to rank decay, where each rank would last for a month unless 'topped up' (although exceptions exist for Donor Rank #5 [Gold]). What was initially a grace period intended for users getting used to the system eventually became a bug, and ranks have not been expiring as intended. Soon they will. As of January 2nd, 2014, ranks will begin to expire appropriately. If your expiry timer currently reads "Soon", now is your chance to reset it. We apologize for the bug, but hope it has given participating users more time to explore the various perks. While there may be other small bugs with the system, none impact the user experience, and we hope to squash them in due time. Thanks for your patience!

Since our last batch of Special Donor Picks, even more users have attained Special Rank #1 thanks to their contributions following the launch of the Donor Rank System. Remember: all users who reach Special Rank #1 are given one free user pick. These Freeleech picks will be featured on the front page in batches. Participating allows you to keep the site alive while exposing the community to your favorite tunes!

All Special Rank user picks are announced on a first-come, first-serve basis. What follows are the second fifteen Special Donor Picks we received. Additional batches will arrive in the future. [Technical Interlude: Special Ranks are determined by your overall, historical number of Donor Points. Every time you donate, no matter how infrequently you do so, you'll be one step closer to unlocking a Special Rank.]

Many thanks to these top donors!