As we head into the new year I want to start The BHD Year Awards these are the equivalent of the Oscars. Each year at around this time we let everyone vote for their favorite user in certain categories. On January 31th 2013 at 8.00 GMT+12 the votes will be tallied and the winners announced. The lucky few have the honor of being recognized as the best BHD has for the following year. Everyone is able to be nominated for an award, and everyone has the right to vote. So, get cracking! Round up your friends, make some new friends, bribe some people and make sure you get as many votes as possible!

Here are the available categories this year:

Uploader Categories

• Best Uploader - Encodes - Your favorite Encode uploader.
• Best Uploader - BluRays - Your favorite BluRay uploader.
• Best Uploader - Remuxes - Your favorite Remux uploader.
• Best Uploader - TV - Your favorite TV Uploader

Members Categories

• Best User - Your favorite User.
• Best Member - Your favorite Member.
• Best Power Member - Your favorite Power Member.
• Best Staff Member - Your favorite Staffer.

User Categories

• Best Special Member - Your favorite Special Member.
• Best VIP - Your favorite VIP.

Special Awards

• Which user do you think has gone BEYOND HD

Fun Categories

• Most Interesting - Who do you think is the most interesting user on site?
• Most Helpful - Which user has been the most helpful to you or others?
• Most Annoying - Which user do you find the most annoying? (Don't get upset if you win, it's just for fun!)

All users are able to cast their vote, so get busy! Make sure you read the terms & conditions that follow, and most importantly, have fun!!