On the Christmas day, GGn gave to me: A Starbound server, and a relaunch of the Minecraft Server!


You asked for it, and we made it happen! The official GGn Starbound server is launched and ready to go, and is located at mc.gazellegames.net (same as the minecraft server). It's vanilla Starbound and doesn't require any authentication (yet) so hop on and come play.


A few months ago, GGn launched a Minecraft server using the Factions plugin set. Unfortunately, that led to all-out chaos and the server was taken offline for improvements. I bet you didn't even know GGn Minecraft was back and better than ever.

We've switched over to MCMMO and a bunch of other cool plugins to make the experience unique, and we've built a huge spawn city - complete with the famous Church of GGn - that makes use of the shops plugin. Go get gold and make villagers your bitches.

The community has been active in exploring our world, which you can check out on the dynamic map. The players have made huge strides in linking the world through massive, intercontinental railways that connect even the most distant houses to civilization through safe, modern powered rail.

So come join us. Build a cool house and join up with some of the regulars to go exploring for resources and temples. Join the ongoing quest to reach The End and slay the Enderdragon. Help build a giant statue of Daedy from precious gems, complete with a penis that spews molten lava on all who doubt the glory of Gazelle Games.

Here's how to get involved:

1. Add your Minecraft handle to your GGn Profile Page and give the server 10 minutes or so to whitelist you on the Minecraft system.
2. Set your Minecraft version to 1.6.4 or you won't be able to connect, like some rube.
3. Plug in our multiplayer server - mc.gazellegames.net
4. Create a password when you join the world and feel free to wander around town, check the dynamic map, and find a place to build your starter home.

If you have any trouble logging in past the initial whitelisting window, please let us know.