Happy 4th Birthday, BaconBits! Four years, can you believe it?

Well, it is time to celebrate, people... and this year we are going all out with presents!

• A new user class: Torrent Wizard - We have an awesomely large number of Torrent Masters in this community and it is time to reward the few that keep pushing the boundaries. What do you need to be a Torrent Wizard? Well, 2 TB of upload, 1.05 ratio, 1000 uploaded torrents, 150 request fills, 24 weeks on the site. That's it! Those that achieve this amazing feat will be rewarded with the ability to edit torrent tags and Knowledge Base articles, may send invites even when invites are closed, immunity from having account disabled for inactivity, and the cherry on top, the ability to change custom title unlimited times for free!

• Freeleech of Staff Picks - The staff picked their favorites to share with you. All freeleech for you to grab. Enjoy, they are our favorites!

• Special Cupcake Avatars - You've probably already seen them, but they were lovingly designed by our own ampersand especially for you. They are not automagically generated by awesome, reusable xnomad code. Frankly, that would be pretty lame of us. ampersand, literally, spent the last 6 months making them individually for you. One by one. "You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake!"

• Surprise Gift? - There may or may not be a mystery gift appearing on the first day of New Year. I'm not saying there is one. Just that there might be one. Maybe I just want you all to log in on the first of the year - mid hangover. Who knows?

Go on now, have some fun!