Thank you so much to those of you who truly love us. I've processed all of the donations to date, and the bar obviously shows that you guys really hopefully this trend can continue into the future. In the meantime, we're working hard to fix the tracker, site bugs, and restore old content back onto the site; but we want to do that automatically, which requires a huge honking seedbox (24TB) and some new code for auto-uploads, so it could take some time and/or money.

As a special thanks to everyone who is helping us recover, all Donation perks were doubled so you should see an addition of 6GB and 2000BP for each euro that was donated. We will continue this for at least the month of January, and possibly further. Finally, there are still 2 December donations that I can't match from before the crash. I think I got everyone else; but either way, if you did not get your donation credits then please send a StaffPM with the transaction details, donation amount and email.