In the beginning there was darkness, and the exiled people of bG and UG wept. But lo there did come a magnificent light, shining so brightly that many neckbeards did experience their first tan – t’was the glow of GazelleGames in all its mighty glory.

Lo did the great Daedy descend to the mortals and say unto them, “I have brought you Starbound, and Minecraft, and Euro Truck Simulator Twenty and Thirteen.”

And they did rejoice.

But the God Daedy spoke more. “Celebrate not this bounty for I bring you IRC and the great trolls SBK and JMHX and Bobbertson, that you must suffer in order to enjoy the fruits of my tree. I bring you #GGn-Poker, which I shall take from you and never return. But O! I bring you games!”

Such was the neckbeard joy that much plush was squeezed from My Little Pony dolls. But the God Daedy was not yet done, and in his infinite glory and benevolence did he offer one final treat to those who had made GazelleGames their home:

“Hang on to thine butts,” spake the glistening nude Daedy, “For I give thee SITE-WIDE FREELEECH that you may never have to leave your basements again!”

And so did the neckbeards caress the God Daedy and rub him with sensual oils to celebrate the newest of years, Twenty and Fourteen, the Year of GazelleGames. Except for the false prophet PF, who insisted that all video games sucked and only Assassin’s Creed was any good.

Rejoice and drink deep, Children of Vidya, for on this website is born site-wide freeleech.

Praise Daedy, amen.