Happy New Year folks! It is officially 2014 and boy was it a good year this year. The past year saw lots of tweaks and changes to PtN that have improved the pirating experience for everyone. We have put a focus on SKALiWAGZ, and it has paid dividends. With well over 1000 releases from our internal team, we have cemented our place among the top p2p groups in bittorrent. With such additions as an Upcoming Releases section of the front page, and the recent adding of a Skaliwagz button on the browse page, we have made it that much easier to keep up to date with the teams many releases.

As well, we celebrated our fifth birthday, which sets us apart from many sites which have come and gone, during that time. With a solid reputation for quality, we have continued our tradition of being one of the best, and it's all due to you, the users. Without your dedication and participation, this site would be a lot worse.

With the addition of a new subtitles section, and our ever increasing OST section, we have been striving to bring you the best in all aspects of your movie watching experience. We have improved imdb integration in our site, and made changes to make your browsing experience more fluid. With activities like the picture puzle and the gambling section, we have given you chances to win gold and the casino has been a blast, with some making untold fortunes and others losing it all. In the end, the goal has been and continues to be, fun, fun, fun, and more fun.

As we say goodbye to 2013, and hello to 2014, we look to the future and the surprises we have in store for you in the coming year. Our 6th birthday will surely be filled with fun and surprise, so don't forget to login often. Look forward to more contests than you can stand, and many more great rips from the skaliwagz team.

We hope this past year has been good to you, and wish you the best for 2014, so fare thee well fine sailors!