For those of you new to the site and torrents perhaps. Hit and running is downloading a torrent and then immediately or shortly thereafter, closing your pc or client and not sharing back what you just 'borrowed'. You want lots of seeders when you download, so you can get it fast. Its your responsibility to share back just like the people who shared it to you in the first place. Our rule is you must seed for 10 hrs or until there are 10 other seeders on a torrent or you are subject to a hit and run violation.

We apologize for the last 48 hours of outages. This had nothing to do with hardware failures or our personal gear hitting the floor drained of its life as certain people out there would want you to believe we'd claim. The truth of the matter is, a massive DDOS attack took place that affected many sites throughout the entertainment network. For a list of these sites, please check in with Google. They know more than we do.

The good news is that we're more secure and anonymous than ever before. Again, we sincerely apologize to our great community of members here at the soup! You may experience slow load times and a few minor glitches here and there over the next couple weeks as the rest of the work is completed. We would like to thank everyone in getting us back up and running! We would also like to thank our members for being so patient.