Two days ago Memati wiped everyones downloaded total to start you all off fresh and also gave every Member 10.0 GB of upload credit for "2014". Not that your downloaded total mean anything, but nice to see we all start off fresh. As before in previous Announcements, your downloaded total doesnt go against you in any fashion and is there just to show you how much you have downloaded. Staff will NOT act on anyone who has downloaded more then they have uploaded. We have a HnR System in place for this if you stop seeding 20 or more torrents that have not been seeded to Site Rules! That said PLEASE remember we are a Ratio Free Site, so it doesn't matter how much you download as long as you seed back 1:1 or for a minimum of 48 hours on each torrent you download from Bitleechers.

We have few new things we would like to bring to all our members. We are adding three new categories (PS4, XBOX ONE and Documentaries). We would like to run a Raffle for all members who donate and Raffle off External Hard Drives, SSD or whatever the members give us feedback on. We want to start off with small items and see how this goes. There will be a new POLL on the Home Page where you can vote.

We have updated IRC so if you are in our IRC chatting you can now see when a member has made a Shout in the Shout Box. If you are in IRC and would like to respond to someone all you need to do it type !shout then your response and it will go directly to the Shout Box. Live DJ's are now working throughout the day as well. As of now we only have Staff who DJ. We updated the Request for the DJs so if you are in IRC all you would need to do to Request is type !request Artist - Title of your choice when the DJ is Online and they will recieve your Request.

If you ever get stuck on a torrent that will not start all you need to do it click on the Check Peers tab on the torrent page then click on Requests More Seeders tab and right click on the torrent in your client and select Update Tracker. If this doesn't work then stop and restart the torrent then Update Tracker. We hope this helps you all rather then coming to Help Desk or Live Help. If all fails then Please come to Live Help or submit Help Desk Query. Remember you also get SeedBonus points for every torrent you seed at Bitleechers and you can then trade them in for upload total or use them to Zap torrents.

As of lately we are seeing new members (mostly) and some older members making Requests in the Shout Box. This is NOT the appropiate place to make Requests. If you want to make a Request for a specific torrent then PLEASE go to our Forums and Post in the appropiate section. If we see members Posting in the Shout Box all we are going to do is disable your Shout Box & Comment priviledges. So, PLEASE lets follow this Rule.

We are still looking for members with Seedboxes to upload and or use auto_dl to help seed torrents. If you would like to help out in doing so then please come to Live Help or fill out an Uploader Application.

The Invite System is back in effect. The only members that will join Bitleechers are the members YOU Invite!

Staff at Bitleechers would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may this be a better year for our Community in "2014".