With all the new members joining recently we thought it would be a good time to issue a reminder of our upload rules. Totally Kids accepts child safe Video (Live Action / Stop-motion / Claymation / Puppetry etc) Audio Books, OSTs, Games, eBooks and Comics.

Hand-drawn (cel animation) & CGI (computer animation) can be posted on our sister site Cartoon Chaos

DVDScr / R5 / TS / CAM and other pre-releases are not allowed

RAR / ZIP files are not allowed and comics may be contained in CBR/CBZ

To assist you in the upload process, we have created an easy to follow Upload Guide

Please pay specific attention to the following:


Torrents without a proper description will be deleted by a moderator and you will have to upload again.
Repeat offenses will result in your upload rights being removed.

A Promotional Picture - Google images is a good place to search.

If you use a picture from the web, you must rehost it on imgur or a similar picture hosting site.
Hosting on Photobucket, although allowed, is discouraged due to their bandwidth rules and constant removal of images.

A Hyperlink to a website giving good information on the show/movie.

Wikipedia & IMDb are okay but a lot of shows have their own website, why not link us to those.

A good Description of the show/movie.

One line descriptions are not good enough.

At least one Screenshot of the video (See Creating Screenshots and Storyboards Guide)

Detailed Video Info (See Finding Video Details Guide)

Storyboard (See Creating Screenshots and Storyboards Guide)