Site Updates:

We've been back up for a bit now and we are slowly getting things stabilized and back to normal. We have a lot of things going on in the background and we are working to restore a lot of the content that we are missing and hope to have that completely restored as quick as possible.

There were some errors regarding wrong torrents being scattered through-out the stacks, so we have purged them all and we will be, or users who have access to do so, add them back slowly.


There's been several questions regarding HnRs, Stats, User Classes, etc. I'll address those here.


We will be clearing these out soon, no one is currently being held accountable for old HnRs that came back in the system due to our failure. However new HnRs will still be treated as HnRs, the system tracks when the torrent was started, so we know if it's new or old. So if you have an old HnR, don't worry too much about it, it'll disappear in time, newer ones though, you need to take care of those yourself.

User Classes

There's no way to know what user class you were before 'The Great Calamity'. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about that, I know a lot of you worked hard for your class on the site, but we can't in good faith restore a handful of classes and not restore everyone and that task alone would be a complicated one to achieve. So the class you are at currently is the class you will be at till you upgrade.


Again, this is the same as User Classes. We can't and we won't be able to restore them, yea it sucks, but we've all lost a lot through this crash.

New Features:

We've got stuff in the works, lots of stuff actually, we had some pretty good plans for our B-Day, but the whole site going down kind of postponed that for a bit while we get back on our feet.

We have a revised Requests system in mind along with some better improvements to the torrent details page. We also have a few user-centric ideas in the plans such as Global HnR Immunity for certain times when we feel like anything downloaded should be HnR Free.

We did a lot of backend changes while we were down which is why we were a bit unstable for a few days, but we think you'll be pleased with the performance difference, the site should be quicker for a lot of you, which helps if you are on a slower connection.


I just want to say I appreciate everyone for contributing to the site, it means a lot to us on the staff that you gave so much to help us get us back to normal. We are still short the funds that would help us get proper seeds for all these re-releases, but hopefully that will come with time.