Some updates to kick off this new year with a bang. First of all, I should apologise for leaving that 2 MB gif up for so long but it was exciting that Steven Segal thought of us this year wasn't it?

Staff Promotions:

We're incredibly pleased to welcome the two new additions to our team of moderators. Bribes are accepted in the form of penis enlargement pills or cheeky butt slaps in the changing room.

To our DoT team we're excited to welcome three new additions as well. They are all promising additions to the team dedicated to keeping TC clean and pretty. Stop by for a beer in the forums or IRC with them some time (they're buying).

Please feel free to welcome these new members with a hearty PM or ten.

Sadly, we also bid farewell to some staff who have moved on to better things. Many thanks for your support of the site and all the best.


Intimidated by the upload process? Or perhaps you want to take your uploading game to the next level? We are pleased to announce the beta release of MacGuffin, an open source Python tool for automatically uploading content to TC. It is compatible with all major Python versions (2.7, 3.2, 3.3), and it's incredibly simple to install on a GNU/Linux server (such as a seedbox). We'll be rolling out guides for installing on Windows and OS X in the coming weeks as well, but if you're feeling adventurous, give it a try on your own!

MacGuffin is more than just an auto-upload script. There is also a screenshots script (use it to earn some extra upload credit!), and for the Python programmers among you, it is a modular, extensible set of tools for dealing with film releases, image hosts, and bittorrent trackers. We're really proud of this project, and would appreciate any feedback you might have (especially bug reports!). As always, you can ask for help on IRC or in this thread.

A quick look at some of MacGuffin's auto-upload features: Checks for dupes before uploading
Generates properly formatted NFO and screenshots in the proper aspect ratio for release descriptions
Handles Scene and P2P releases, including those with RAR files
If RAR files are extracted, you can choose whether to delete the RAR files or keep them for cross-seeding

Example output:

Wiki Articles:

We'll also take a moment to mention a couple new articles in our Wiki. We've noticed a few questions about using autodl-irssi with TC over the past few weeks. We don't write the software, but we do know who does and where to find support. For anyone considering setting up autodl-irssi, or if you are just curious, take a look at this new article: autodl-community. There is even a pre-defined file for use with TC.

Inspired by a post at What.CD, TC now has our first version of a "Bittorrent Phonebook". If you have ever had an account disabled at a private tracker somewhere, some time and are unsure where to look for support, check the Phonebook.

There are bound to be errors and we're definitely missing sites, so if you spot something (or not), please send us a Staff PM and it will be updated pronto.

Upload Projects:

TC has a few upload projects running in our forum and they can often net you a swag of upload credit for not much work. Everyone loves upload credit so I'll mention three of them here.

Classical Cinema Upload Project

The premise is simple: for every film made before 1970 that you upload, you will receive 10 GB credit (2 GB for Xvid).

In addition to this generous gift there are a host of ways to score extra credit depending on certain criteria. There are also a few caveats so for full details head over to the thread and read more.

TC Original

This project is for any budding encoders out there and is already incredibly busy with fresh encodes being added to the site often. This project has some specific instructions you need to follow so for the run down you should read them. Our IRC network has a channel dedicated to encoding support and is the best spot for help with this project.

Upload a Quality Encode

The quality encode project goes hand in hand with anyone taking part in the TC Original project but also includes anyone uploading any encode that meets TC's quality standards. For a quality encode you did yourself you will receive 15 GB and for every quality encode from another p2p group you will receive 5 GB. For full details head to the thread.

That appears to be all, folks. We wish you a most excellent 2014.